Narendra Modi Not Incorruptible

The website WikiLeaks has denied that it endorsed the BJP party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi as “incorruptible”, and posted a cable quoting Congress workers as praising him.

WikiLeaks said in a tweet that its founder Julian Assange “has never spoken about Modi in any manner whatsoever. US docs we published say both good and bad things about Modi”. “No WikiLeaks document says Modi is ‘incorruptible’, rather he is popular because ‘viewed’ as ‘incorruptible’,” the website said. In a US cable, posted online by WikiLeaks, the consul general quotes former Congress party MP and former minister Digvijay Sinhji of the erstwhile princely state of Wankaner in Saurashtra as saying that Modi “lacks the polish and refinement” to become a national leader. However, Sinhji says a reason “why Modi could face challenges in becoming a national leader: Modi’s reputation for being completely incorruptible is accurate, and if he were to become a national leader he would crack down on corruption throughout the BJP.”

In his comment at the end of the cable, Owen said: “We believe Sinhji’s comments on Modi are indeed accurate: ironically the man most hold accountable for the communal violence of 2002 may now be the most ardent defender of communal harmony, at least on the surface.” On his website, Modi said March 22, 2011: “WikiLeaks cables are accurate. I am glad to learn that America admits Modi is incorruptible. He informed media that the cable presents an honest account of his talk on human rights issue with the American official.” Reacting to the controversy, BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “We have not asked for their certificate nor do they need to give us any. People have made it clear that they want Modi to win as they want good and stable governance.”

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