London Tube strike action to begin after talks collapse

London Underground workers are expected to begin a 48-hour strike action at 9pm on Monday evening over plans for possible job cuts and ticket-office closures, after talks to avert a subway strike collapsed without striking any deal.

The fresh strikes by Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union members would leave millions of Londoners to suffer days of travel chaos.

The two hours long talks between RMT union leaders and LU have been held at the offices of the conciliation service Acas on Monday in a bid to resolve the row over ticket offices, but they broke up with no sign of a breakthrough.

RMT negotiator John Leach has told the industrial action could be suspended if LU made concessions including a station by station review, as he said: “They need to move their position from closing every single London Underground ticket office and also getting rid of 950 jobs from the frontline station grades.

“They need to sit down and listen to us. They need to do this review properly and then we might be in a position to suspend.

“But let’s remember they have spent nine weeks not doing that.”

London Underground managing director Mike Brown has responded: “We’ll do whatever we can to keep talking during the day to try and resolve this absolutely unnecessary strike.

“I’m gonna go in and have a conversation. Let’s see where we get to.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson has attacked the union and labelled the strike as “pointless” which will make commuters and businesses to suffer as a result of the actions of a “few narrow-minded union barons”.

In case the parties will not resolve the matter in mean time, the members of the RMT are expected to stage another strike action for 72 hours, from 9pm on Monday 5 May.

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