Pet Pit Bull Bites Ottawa Toddler’s Face

A dreadful incident in Ottawa has brought a 14-month-old girl to the hospital with serious inquires after a pit bull terrier attacked her inside an Ottawa-area home. Cali Leclair was rushed to a hospital after the dog pried her face on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. According to the family’s neighbours, the toddler’s father, Tanner Longworth, wedged the animal’s jaws open with his hands while the girl’s mother, Christine Leclair, made several failed attempts to free her daughter.

The girl was attacked after she attempted to move the black pit bull named Boss, which the family had taken in just recently. 30-year-old friend and the family’s neighbor, Vicky Gibson, shared that Leclair took the pit bull into her home on Saturday in an attempt to rehabilitate the animal, even though it had a history of biting. According to Gibson, the dog was fine on the first day but lashed out at Cali Sunday morning. She alleged that “the baby went to pet the dog — the dog was laying down — and the dog snapped; it bit her right on the face.”

Gibson explained that she rushed across the street after hearing the sound of an ambulance and saw that the dog had torn off much of the child’s nose. She said that “the sight made me nauseous.” Another neighbour, Beatrice Mushanga, alleged that “Christine was so kind, she thought she’d take the pit bull for a week or so to help out the owner’s family.”

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