Cameron Mistakenly Names Wrong Football Club as Favorite

UK Prime Minister David Cameron accidently mentioned the wrong football team when discussion which team he supports in the Premier League on Saturday, attracting criticism on social media just days before the election that he is not really interested in football. A descendant of King William IV and an alumnus of the elite Eton College, Cameron, accidently referred that he supported the east London Premier League club, West Ham, in a speech about identity.

However, Cameron soon realized the mistake and abruptly corrected that he is in fact a fan of Aston Villa, i.e. another Premier League club from the centre of England who wear a similarly coloured kit. He confessed that “I don’t know what happened to me,” adding that “I must have been overcome by something this morning.” Facing the criticism that he is out of touch with ordinary voters, Cameron replied that he must have suffered a “brain fade” because he later also failed to remember when Aston Villa won the European Cup.

According to the political analysts, this could be considered the first major mistake in a tightly managed political campaigns being run by both main parties before the May 7 vote. Meanwhile, his critics kept calling the prime minister a phoney on Twitter for his attempts to associate with a sport that is followed by millions of people in Britain. A broadcaster and former England captain, Gary Lineker, mentioned on twitter that “David Cameron has forgotten which Football Club he supports. Aston Villa last week, West Ham this. Burnley next?”

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