Ottawa Clinic Might Have Exposed 6800 Citizens to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV

Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health does not feel liable for issuing limited information of a potential health risk, worried that media might exploit the news.

Warning mails have being sent to roughly 6,800 people in Ottawa about a likelihood of them been exposed to hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV. On Saturday, Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Isra Levy talked to the media; however, refused to spot the health center or doctor involved.

“Endoscopes are cleaned using a process that has several steps to make sure that they are properly scrubbed and disinfected between patients,” the letters state.

On Monday, the Ottawa’s senior most doctors exposed the health center, and acknowledged the doctor involved, saying that giving out the information earlier could have created panic.

Dr. Levy said: “The medical system, the public health system was not ready in this community over a weekend to deal with what would have been, I think, a higher level of focused concern with a great number of questions from very many thousands of people.”

He added: “I received information on Saturday that led me to believe that (a media outlet) intended to make the story public. I was not sure that the elements of what they were going to be saying would have been accurate … and I believe that would have done more harm than good.”

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