Winnipeggers are saying “Gimme a shot”

A five-day program to vaccinate the maximum number of Winnipeggers against the flu will outset tomorrow as the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority commences its 13 public flu health centers across the city.

Health Minister Theresa Oswald says, “It’s easy for everyone to do, especially since the vaccine is no charge to all.”

The flu shot reportedly guards from three of the universal strains of influenza that the World Health Organization anticipates to travel this winter.

According to Dr. Michael Routledge, WRHA Medical Director, Population and Public Health, the flu shots are to help people in all age groups.

Routledge said: “There are individuals who we highly recommend to get the shot, such as those with chronic illness, seniors and young children, but because each flu season is unique and different strains of influenza may impact different age groups – we also strongly encourage everyone else to get the shot to stay healthier this season.”

According to an announcement, the clinics will open in the city from October 18- 22, 2011. People can consult their physician or WRHA Community Area Offices to get the flu shot during and after the dates of public flu clinics.

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