MP Anders Apologizes For Stating Mulcair ‘Hastened’ Layton’s Death

A backbench MP of Calgary West, Rob Anders gave controversial comments during an interview with iPolitics on Monday, stating that Thomas Mulcair “hastened” the death of former New Democrat leader Jack Layton. He attempted to imply that Mulcair unnecessarily hard-pressed on Layton to work during the last federal election.

Anders stated in the following words, saying that “I actually think one of the great stories that was missed by journalists was that Mr. Mulcair, with his arm twisted behind the scenes, helped to hasten Jack Layton’s death.” The article was published online on Monday, and also included that “It was very clear to me watching the two of those gentlemen in the front benches, that Jack Layton was ill and that Mr. Mulcair was making it quite obvious that if Jack wasn’t well enough to fight the campaign and fight the election that he should step aside.”

Mulcair was believed to be the successor to Layton at the time and, proving the predictions right, Mulcair did get elected as NDP leader following the death of Layton’s death due to cancer in August 2011. Layton passed away just out of time to see his party win its best ever federal elections, which resulted in the party winning the Official Opposition status for the first time.

These controversial comments produced a sudden response from the NDP and the Conservatives Leaders. Anders was forced to issue a short apology in the middle of the day. Anders stated that “my comments in iPolitics with respect to Mr. Mulcair and Mr. Layton were insensitive and inconsiderate. I apologize to Mr. Mulcair and to Mr. Layton’s family.”

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