Conrad Black’s Order of Canada Honor Endangered by Court

The former media tycoon Conrad Black just lost his last hope on Thursday when he was denied a personal meeting opportunity to convince the Order of Canada panel to not revoke his honor.

His award status is expected to be revoked in view of his fraud conviction in the United States. The ruling of Federal Court of Canada stated that the Order of Canada advisory council is not obligated to listen to any personal oral submissions from Black. The announcement of the court mentioned that “procedural fairness and natural justice do not require an oral hearing in the circumstances of this case.”

Meanwhile in the U.S. Black had attempted to get a stay order from for a $6.1-million fine levied against his violation of American securities laws. The court also denied that request earlier this month, regarding which the Judge of District Court of the Northern District of Illinois, William Hart, acclaimed furiously that Black’s case is “intransigent.” Hart seemed specifically flared up with Black’s public attacks on the American courts and justice system. Hart pointed out that “Black has advanced no reason to believe that he now has any respect for the securities laws or any regret for the losses or costs his violations have caused.” He stated that “Black is intransigent in his denunciation.”

Black has spent a prison sentence of three years in America for his convictions of fraud and obstruction of justice. The press could not reach Black through any sources to get an immediate comment on either matter.

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