Kenney Asks Parliament the Authority to Block Foreigners

The Immigration Minister of Canada, Jason Kenney, has attempted to persuade the parliamentary committee on Wednesday to understand the need of a new ministerial power which is going to allow his ministry to restrict certain people from entering Canada for “public policy” reasons.

This new power is enlisted in the controversial new Bill C-43, written under the title of Faster ‘Removal of Foreign Criminals Act.’ This act produces tougher terms of deportation of non-citizens who end up committing crimes in Canada. This bill has passed the second reading and will now be studied by the Commons immigration committee. Kenney shared new guidelines with the parliament, which he implied were designed to guide him, or any future immigration minister, in barring criminal’s people from Canada.

He mentioned that these newly proposed powers are cautiously maneuvered in the national interest only and do not address any different agenda. Kenney implied that “we’ve actually drafted some criteria that are very narrow, much more narrow that similar power in other democracies.” He exemplified his case by countries like U.K., the U.S., Australia and New Zealand which are already exercising similar rights. Kenney’s proposal stipulates that the immigration minister shall have the authority to bar corrupt foreign officials, people who promote terrorism, violence or criminal activity, and foreign nationals from countries against which Canada has imposed sanctions.

NDP Immigration Critic, Jinny Sims, spoke against Kenney’s proposal and stated that “the last thing your immigration system needs is to be even more politicized,” and “the reality is we have a good, independent system for determining admissibility and we don’t need it to be replaced at the whim of any minister.”

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