New Safety Concerns Identified at Alberta Plant

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The controversially notorious beef processing plant of XL Foods Inc. in Alberta has recently faced short-term closure because its products were recalled due to E. coli contamination. Now the Alberta plant, that has just resumed operation, has been further warned to have failed to completely meet food safety standards once again.

The statement of Canadian Food Inspection Agency, CFIA, stated that “overall food safety controls were being effectively managed.” The government inspectors are monitoring every aspects of the operation, starting from the unloading of animals up till the packing of finished products. Now the officials have discovered several new concerns leading them to issue new corrective action requests. This formal request asks the plant operatives to immediately take care of the problems and rectify all issues to avoid long-term similar issues in the future.

The new corrective action request of CFIA reports XL Foods for: failing to adequately clean meat-cutting areas; allowing condensation to form on pipes in the tripe room; failing to maintain a high temperature in water in a sanitizer and for not having a sanitizing chemical solution in the mats used for cleaning employees’ boots. The request states that “the CFIA instructed plant management to take immediate action to address these concerns” and “in addition, the CFIA requested the company submit corrective action plans outlining how they will address these issues in the longer term and mitigate future risks.”

XL Foods is facing severely close scrutiny by the CFIA officials since early September, when the E. coli contamination was initially detected in raw beef trimmings.

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