Chemi Pharmaceutical Blames Ex-employee For License Suspension

The president of a renowned chemical-testing laboratory, Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc., blamed an “accident” to be the reason behind company’s lost license, along with an ongoing investigation into how and why were the test results falsified.

The president of Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc., Mariana Stavrikov, declared on Wednesday that she is effectively going to tackle the situation by collaborating with the consultants and making sure that such incidents don’t occurs again in the future. Stavrikov promised that “we have our quality system in place, and that accident happened because of an ex-employee of Chemi Pharmaceutical falsified the results.”

On the other hand, the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Health Products and Food Branch, i.e. the Canadian federal regulator, Paul Glover, asserts that their primary concerns are not the reasons behind the bogus test results. He added that “the fact is we don’t really care how this happened. It happened. Test results were falsified.” Paul Glover alleged that “good manufacturing processes” like having at least two authoritative persons to sign off on all test results, are the there just to prevent such mishaps and accidents from happening. He explained that “they didn’t contest those results and so it was based on that acknowledgement the samples we found were real — and we found numerous examples — that led us to pull the licence.”

The regulators have asked help from the RCMP to investigate the case. Regardless of the scandal, Stavrikov bluntly claims that her company has been in business for 11 years, and she is still confident on the safety of her company’s products. She alleged that “I’ll buy them, I’ll take them, give them to my children and my loved ones.”

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