Montreal Police Discovers Estranged Dead Body in SUV

Montreal police discovered a dead body, of a person allegedly related to the Italian mafia, full of mysterious gunshot wounds drooped at a parked SUV. The dead body was found in Ahuntsic on Saturday morning. The police declines, so far, to disclose identity of the victim, though a reliable source indicates the victim to be Emilio Cordeleone.

The announcement was made by the Montreal Police Constable, Danny Richer, on Sunday, declaring that “Investigators do believe it is linked to Italian organized crime. This man was known to police, and he was targeted in many investigations.” He explained that investigators suspect the incident to be related to the recently mounting string of violence as militaristic fractions fighting each other for power due to the return of Montreal mafia leader, Vito Rizzuto, from a U.S. prison in October. An expert on organized crime, Antonio Nicaso, shared that “It’s a very unstable situation, anything can happen,” adding that “tensions are going up, and it’s growing every day. There’s a sense that Montreal is bracing for more violence.”

Const. Richer claims that Police found the SUV parked on Sauriol Street on Saturday morning, adding that the vehicle was also involved in a missing persons report. An almost 50-years-old man went missing three days ago, he added. Const. Richer alleged that the police are still waiting for an autopsy result due on Monday, so “we are not sure whether it is the person we were looking for.”

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