Court To Hear Robocalls Case against Conservatives

The Federal Court will hear a case on Monday filed by eight Canadians who have challenged the results of the last federal election in six toughly contested ridings, arguing that results shall be reversed due to the alleged voter-suppression tactics.

The eight voters, supported by the Council of Canadians, allege that deceptive phone calls in the ridings, which were all won by Conservative candidates, tampered with peoples’ intention to vote and ultimately affected the results. The Conservative party says it was not behind the fraudulent calls. The Tory lawyers intend to argue that Council of Canadians does not have a bona fide witness liable to assert that they were dissuaded by the calls. A spokesperson for the Conservative party, Fred DeLorey, mentioned in an email that “It is increasingly apparent that this is a political activist campaign masquerading as a lawsuit — a left-wing group is seeking to overturn democratic elections because it doesn’t like how people voted.”

On the other hand, the lawyer of Council of Canadians, Garry Neil, presents a case that lawyers of all eight applicants will show that the calls were made and imply that it actually tricked them. Neil alleged that “we’re pretty confident that, first of all, we don’t really have to demonstrate that.” He added “because if we can simply demonstrate that fraudulent calling was really widespread, then the argument will be that that has compromised the very integrity of the electoral process, and that should be the end of the story.” “If the integrity of the process is compromised, then the judge ought to just throw out the results and order that byelections be called.”

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  1. every time harper and the corruption party makes a decision, a part of canada is flushed down the toilet. these corrupt pigs should be given cement boots and then thrown in the water !!!!!

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