Doyle Claims Gives Up to Tension

The embattled auditor general of B.C., John Doyle, explained that stressed relationship of his current job have lead him to give up the position and move on. Doyle has recently welcomed a job offer from the premier of the Australian state of Victoria, which he will start working on or before July 1.

Last month an all-party legislative committee in B.C. brought about an uproar, when it determined that Doyle shall not be reappointed for a second term. Later the committee reviewed its decision and offered Doyle a supplementary two-year appointment in consequence of a public outcry provoked in B.C., while Premier Christy Clark pledged to amend legislation and hold auditors general to a single eight-year term. Doyle has not yet responded to the government’s offer of a new two-year extension, while on the other hand, the Australian premier has announced that Doyle is hired at his position. Doyle mentioned during an interview that he would have chosen to keep his post in B.C. and would have sworn a second term, but it was due to the political instability that he finally decided to accept the job offer in Australia.

Doyle stated that “what do you think, how much co-operation do you think somebody in my position is going to get, going forward? It’s not good for the office, and not good for the province.” Doyle admitted that his job partially comes with tension between government and independent auditor general, but “it’s just a bit heightened here compared to what I’m used to.”

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