First Suspect Charged in Robo-calls Investigation

Elections Canada finally laid charges in relation to the 2011 robo-call controversy, against a former Conservative staffer, even though the full investigations around the identity of trickster “Pierre Poutine” is still yet to be completely resolved. The first person to be charge in relation to the probe, Michael Sona, asserts that he does not even has the “technological knowledge” necessary to originate the fraudulent automated phone calls.

The controversy encircles around more than 6,000 robo-calls intended to send non-Conservative supporters to incorrect polling station on the election day at an Ontario riding of Guelph using a list compiled by the Conservative Party. The documents filed in court by the Elections Canada investigators reveal that one or more individuals were responsible for launching fraudulent calls using a cellphone registered under an alias of “Pierre Poutine” just ahead of voting day. The disposable cellphone was linked with an account at an Alberta firm specializing in automated calls, which essentially involved understanding of the computer system to launch the phone calls.

Mr. Sona worked as the director of communications on the campaign team of Conservative candidate, Marty Burke, who lost to his Liberal adversary on May 2, 2011. Elections Canada charged Mr. Sona on Tuesday with “having wilfully prevented or endeavoured to prevent an elector from voting at an election.” Whereas, Mr. Côté alleged in an official statement that “I hope that the charge we filed today will send a strong message that such abuses under the Canada Elections Act will not be tolerated.”

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  1. This better not be the last charge! There is no way one, lowly staffer was able to pull off the wcomment_IDe spread robocalls, that took place before and during the last federal election. There is the cost of the calls and the data required to make calls could only have come from the top ranks of the con party. harpo and his cons attacked our democracy. Time to start treating the traitors as they deserve!

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