Patients Victimized With Diluted Chemo Dose Launch Class-Action Lawsuits

Apart from being worried and angered, patients who suffered from diluted dosage of chemotherapy are now also planning to launch a class-action lawsuit in light of a recent revelation that several hospitals in Ontario and New Brunswick were unknowingly using watered-down chemotherapy drugs. So far, three firms have official declared their intention to pursue legal action on behalf of the victimized families of the more than 1,100 patients affected. These companies are preparing to sue the company that manufactured the IV bags enclosing the diluted medications.

Four hospitals in Ontario and one in New Brunswick had apparently acquired and used the batches of IV bags containing cyclophosphamide and gemcitabine that were incorrectly diluted by as much as 20 per cent. The affected patients have been unknowingly using the diluted drugs for more than a year until recently a lab technician in Peterborough, Ont. identified the problem. Lawyer Matt Baer, whose firm Siskinds LLP is among the three planning the lawsuits, stated that notices of action have been filed in court on Wednesday. He alleged that “people are very concerned, they’re confused, they’re upset. They don’t know the impacts on their health.”

Baer declared that the motive behind the lawsuit is to secure compensation for the patients for any damage caused to their health. In an official statement on Wednesday, Siskinds LLP, stated that “we believe that through this class action, the defendant will be required to account for the problem with these drugs, explain to Canadian patients how this problem occurred, and compensate those affected.”

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