First Vancouver Rioter on Trial Convicted

The first person to face trial of charges laid in relation to the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver has been found guilty on three charges. Spencer Kirkwood pleaded not guilty to participating in a riot, mischief and breaking a court order, however, he did assert that he was too drunk to remember smashing a window with a street barricade, which was actually recorded on video.

However, a Provincial Court Judge, Conni Bagnall, ruled that Kirkwood’s intentions were unambiguous and he wasn’t too drunk to interpret his actions that he was doing something wrong. He was convicted of two riot-related charges, along with one count of breaching a court order to stay away from alcohol. Crown prosecutor, Patti Tomasson, during the trial asked the judge to find Kirkwood guilty of smashing the window. She explained that “the crowd is cheering it, Mr. Kirkwood has his hands up in the air. He’s encouraging the cheering, smiling and enjoying the attention.” Kirkwood was alleged of helping in breaking windows of a Telus store, which cost nearly $10,337 to replace.

Kirkwood apparently called 911 himself two days later, because he had received a threatening phone call from an anonymous source identifying him in the video posted on the internet. Tomasson explained that “he was scared,” so the next day Kirkwood visited the nearby police station to give an official statement. Kirkwood was later charged in November 2011 with participating in a riot and mischief. Kirkwood will be sentenced later.

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