Ottawa Investigation Focuses on RBC Jobs Outsourcing Scandel

The federal government has begun an investigation into the Royal Bank of Canada’s move to outsource technology jobs and plans to review the paperwork submitted by its contractor to bring in temporary foreign workers. The investigation is focusing on what the government sees as “apparent discrepancies” regarding RBC’s explanation of the events.

RBC was highly criticized over the weekend after allegations were made public that Canada’s largest bank has contracted iGate Corp. to control the outsourcing of certain technology jobs, which was actually planning to use temporary foreign workers in place of the RBC technology staff. The bank immediately refused any such activity, and stated that it is not involved in the hiring practices of the companies it hires. However, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) has asserted that the government is now investigating the bank’s statements, along with the paperwork submitted by iGate in an application to use foreign workers.

A spokesperson for Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, Alyson Queen, stated that “an investigation is under way and HRSDC officials are currently reviewing the labour market opinions submitted by iGate in great detail, based on apparent discrepancies between RBC’s public statement and information which has previously been provided to the government.” The controversy started due to RBC’s decision of outsourcing the technology operations of its Dexia investor service business to iGate, which basically operates from India. Hence, in accordance with outsourcing jobs, iGate assigned 21 employees to visit RBC and learn Dexia’s technology systems.

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