DND to ‘Re-examine’ Cut to Danger Pay of Soldiers Serving in Afghanistan

An official of The Defence Department has reported anonymously that the department will be “re-examining” a recent decision of cuts to the danger and hardship pay for Canadian troops who are serving in Afghanistan and Middle East. The review follows the news released on Tuesday, asserting that from April 15 onwards, soldiers deployed in Afghanistan for the first time will be allowed $848 per month in hardship and risk allowances, instead of the previously promised $1,356. 

However, those who have already accompanied on previous tours will receive more money, depending on the length of their deployments. This condition targeted almost 930 Canadian military personnel serving in Afghanistan on a training mission. Since the officials have only stated to reconsider the move, “so it’s not a reversal at this point.” The initial decision of reducing the danger pay was evaluated on the fact that Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan are now based in Kabul, which is “not as dangerous” as their previous post in Kandahar.

“But (the decision) was met with some pretty strong reaction from people saying, ‘This is a bit of shaving the ice cube, how many soldiers are really in Afghanistan to cut this money from, how much are you going to save?’” A Defence Department explained on Tuesday that the alteration in the hardship and risk pay is not a part of the nationwide cuts to reduce deficit, instead it is part of an annual review that reassesses how dangerous each mission abroad is.

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