Mixed Reviews on Bloody Chicken Slaughtering Performance at ACAD

A gory event has received limelight after a student from the Alberta College of Art and Design astounded the audience by giving a live demonstration of where food comes from on Thursday. The student slaughtered a live chicken while in the cafeteria at noon, and proceeded to process it for eating. The whole event was allegedly part of a school project.

The audience, which mainly constituted of fellow students, had mixed views regarding the demonstration. However, the school administration took it extremely seriously. A student, Morgan Fraser, alleged that “a bunch of people were crying and stuff, then other people were like ‘this is super cool’. I don’t know, it doesn’t happen very often where you see that stuff.” While another student, Damian Espionsa, stated that “there were some people that took offence, quite a lot of offence with their ideologies and whatnot,” while adding that “all of a sudden the Dean shows up, security shows up, police shows up.” Espionsa continued that “he butchered a chicken as you normally would. He works in a kitchen so he did it really nicely and he’s going to freeze it and he’s going to cook it later on.”

A third student in the audience, Christopher Donovan, had a different point of view, asserting that “personally I’m disgusted with the way the performance piece was done. I think as a protest or any sort of concept, it was vulgar and disgusting and I think whatever concept he had behind it was fairly transparent to that fact that he was doing it mainly for shock value.”

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