MPs Debate Anti-Terrorism Law Same Day as RCMP Arrest 2 Alleged Terrorists

On the same day as RCMP arrested two suspects who allegedly attempted to conduct a terrorist attack on VIA rail train, the Conservatives are debating on the classic and strict anti-terrorism bill in Parliament. MPs spent most of their Monday morning debating Bill S-7, which was initially introduced in the Senate last February and intended to boost powers for investigating terrorism.

The Conservative bill returns the debate of two provisions of Jean Chretien’s Liberal government after 9-11, which expired five years ago. Bill S-7 seeks permission of preventative detention of a suspect for three days without charge. Additionally, it entails return of investigative hearings, which implies that someone suspected of having knowledge about terrorism must answer questions with the risk of going to jail for up to 12 months if they refuse. Furthermore, the bill will make it illegal to exit Canada with the intent of plotting or committing an act of terrorism.

The RCMP made an announcement on Monday afternoon, declaring that they have arrested two suspects who allegedly plotted to derail a VIA passenger train, claiming that the men received “direction and guidance” from al-Qaida elements in Iran. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews alleged that Monday’s arrests demonstrate “that terrorism continues to be a real threat to Canada.” He mentioned that “our government remains unwavering in its commitment to protect Canadians and support the global fight against terrorism. Preventing, countering, and prosecuting terrorism is a priority for our government.”


  1. harper and the corruption party are unable to keep canada safe ! harper and the corruption party are unable to do anything because they’re too stupcomment_ID, blind, ignorant, inept and corrupt !

  2. Once again this government assimes all Canadians are not intelligent, nor have any common sense. Of course after a year’s investigation on the very same day as the bill was brought forward again, the Mounties flash the news that they had been watchung these two. Goodness the PM couldn’t let the USA get more credit with catching the two responsible for Boston, so the RCMP dragged out two in Canada. So the 21st century Crusades continue, (no chivalry tho) establishing the foundations for future conflicts. Using emotional blackmail and propaganda is a necessary tool for Harper’s personal agenda – Protect the Alberta Oilsands. Only it will be ordinary Canadians that will feel the impact of this bill as well as the force of the RCMP’s new 14 million dollar TAVs. Thank the demi-gods for the O.P.P.

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