Ontario to Prevent Ottawa’s Cancellation of Aquatic Research Station

Ontario has expressed its intentions to prevent the cancellation of a freshwater research station that is being controversially shut down by the federal government. Speaking to the audience at an event at the University of Toronto on Wednesday, Premier Kathleen Wynne mentioned that her government is working with Ottawa, the province of Manitoba and the International Institute for Sustainable Development to keep open the Experimental Lakes Area, which is situated in northern Ontario.

Ms. Wynne declined to offer any details into how the ELA might run, in case it is preserved, asserting that the negotiations are still underway. Having said that, Ms. Wynne, alleged that her province is eager to “put operating dollars” into keeping it running, which she claims is “important to us as a government that believes in science, believes in evidence.” The critics of the federal government claim that the termination of the facility is as a part of a broader attack on environmental science research, i.e. driven more by ideological than financial considerations. The facility is primarily tasked to work on investigating the aquatic effects of climate change, a work which Ms. Wynne categorically appraised in her comments.

The federal government began closing the buildings at the ELA last month, while critics taunted that the government is deserting a unique facility that has previously performed world-renowned work examining the effects of contaminants such as mercury, acid rain and phosphorus. At her press conference, Ms. Wynne described the ELA as “one of a kind.”

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