John Baird Directly Asks Iranians to End ‘Clerical Military Dictatorship’

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Canada’s Foreign Minister, John Baird, expressed his clear support for the suppressing opposition in Tehran as the country waits for its upcoming presidential election next month. Baird approached Iranians directly on Friday through social media, in order to encourage them to end the country’s “clerical military dictatorship.” Addressing a conference in Toronto on the of social media to engage participants within Iran, Mr. Baird recalled that Canada should have given more support to the Green Movement after the 2009 “stolen election” that returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power.

However, he assured that this time Canada is going to stand with democratic voices, which are usually suppressed in Iran, in accordance to the aim of the two-day Global Dialogue conference at the University of Toronto. He stated that “on this, we all agree: the people of Iran deserve free and fair elections. Not another version of the Ayatollah Khameini’s never-ending shell game of presidential puppets. Not the rise of a regressive clerical military dictatorship. But robust elections which take power out of the hands of puppet masters and place it in your hands.”

Canada detached its diplomatic correspondence with Iran last September, referring to the regime’s human rights abuses, rogue nuclear program, threats to destroy Israel and lack of security at the embassy in Tehran. Consequently, the government also officially designated Iran a state sponsor of terrorism. In addition, Canada listed the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, as well as the Iranian proxy Hezbollah, as terrorist groups.

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