Election Canada Requests to Suspend Two Conservative Manitoba MPs

Two Manitoba Conservative MPs are engulfed in an awkward situation with the Elections Canada, as it recently proceeded towards getting them both suspended from their positions. Chief Electoral Officer, Marc Mayrand, wrote a letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons last month, requesting that Shelly Glover and James Bezan be suspended from the house as they failed to comply with an order to file complete election returns from the 2011 election.

The issue was also raised in questions period today, when NDP democratic reform critic, Craig Scott, inquired why Bezan and Glover have not been punished until now. In response to Scott, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of transport, Pierre Poilievre, alleged that the Elections Canada’s interpretation of the Elections Act is being questions in court. He stated that “these members acted in good faith due to legitimate differences of opinion.”

Glover’s office released a statement saying that “my campaign in 2011 complied fully with the Elections Act.” It added that “Elections Canada has ordered that I claim expenses that my campaign did not incur, which is not consistent with the Act’s provisions. We will be challenging Elections Caanada’s interpretation in court.” On the other hand, Bezan also gave a similar statement, alleging that “my campaign has complied with the Elections Canada Act. This is an accounting dispute between the campaign and Elections Canada. Elections Canada approved my campaign returns for the 2006 and 2008 elections but have now changed their interpretation, which is not consistent with the Act’s provisions. Elections Canada is not being fair or reasonable in their application of the Act.”

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  1. election rigging and fraud ! harper and the corruption party should be in jail, NOT on parliament hill ! looks like even the justice system is corrupt !!!!!!!

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