NDP’s Pan Am pitch to Liberals: don’t turf community voices

Today in the legislature, NDP MPPs Rosario Marchese (Trinity-Spadina) and Paul Miller (Hamilton East-Stoney Creek) urged the Liberal government to restore the original plan to have Brampton take part in the 2015 Pan Am Games, rather than waste money building a controversial new field hockey pitch on the University of Toronto campus.

“Why are organizers building a field in Toronto, where there is fierce community opposition, instead of using the existing field in Brampton, where there is support?” asked Marchese. 

When Ontario won the right to host the 2015 Pan Am Games four years ago, the people of Brampton were led to believe they would take part, and they built a brand new field hockey pitch, Marchese explained. 

“But last year, organizers of the Games suddenly shut out Brampton,” said Marchese. “And they’re now spending $5.3 million in taxpayer money to cover the University of Toronto back campus with artificial turf, ruining one of the few remaining open green spaces in downtown Toronto.”

This summer, Brampton will host the Pan Am and Olympic qualifying international competition.

“The Brampton pitch is the finest international standard field hockey pitch in the Greater Toronto Area and will host the Pan Am and Olympic qualifying international competition,” said Miller. “So why is this government allowing TO2015 to waste taxpayers’ money building another pitch in the Toronto core?”

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