Wynne Hints Strong Criticism at Quebec’s Proposed Secular Charter

Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has become the latest politician to have hinted refutation of the proposed secular charter of Quebec, alleging that, under her watch, Ontario will remain an “inclusive” province. The proposed Charter of Quebec Values is reportedly aimed at banning all public employees from wearing religious symbols such as turbans, hijabs, yarmulkes and crosses.

Inquired about her views about the charter on Tuesday following a meeting in Thunder Bay, Ms. Wynne gave a carefully-worded elaborate response. Without directly naming Quebec, she explained her views clearly saying that “the diversity, our ethnicity is very important in our province. We are strong because we have a diverse population and for me, Ontario must be inclusive.” She was speaking in French when she added that “our schools must be inclusive. And our politics must be inclusive of all of our diversity.” Later adding in English, she alleged that “our laws and our policies [must] reflect that diversity.” The charter is believed to contain similarities to a French law also banning religious symbols in public schools, and is set to be presented by the province’s sovereigntist Parti Québécois government this fall.

Ms. Wynne continued her answer, alleging that “it is very important to me that Ontario is a diverse province – that our laws and our policies reflect that diversity.” She added that “I believe it is fundamentally one of our strengths, and as we talk about our place, Ontario’s place, in the global economy, our diversity is part of that.” She concluded that “other provinces will make their decisions, but I see our strength as our diversity.”

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