Mulroney Commends Mandela’s ‘Tremendous Legacy’ in South Africa

During an elaborate interview on Sunday, Former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, affirmed that South Africa has a bright future “because of the tremendous legacy” left behind by Nelson Mandela. Mr. Mulroney stressed that as long as the people of that country keep his message of love, hope and reconciliation alive. Mr. Mandela passed away on Thursday at the age of 95.

Upon inquiry if Mandela’s death would endanger South Africa’s inexperienced democracy, Mulroney boldly replied ‘no.’ He explained that “I think the roots that Nelson Mandela sowed are deep enough or secure enough for South Africans to realize that what he wanted for them was happiness, prosperity, education, healthcare.” Mr. Mulroney added that “we wanted a better life for them, he wanted freedom, and you get that in these circumstances by building a new country and not by fighting with your neighbours or fighting with people on the basis of race or religion within. So I’m confident about the future because of the tremendous legacy that he left.”

Mr. Mulroney boasted that he and Mandela “became pretty fast friends” due to his government’s hard-line stance, including strong economic sanctions, against South Africa’s apartheid regime. He remembered that “when we came in in ’84, Canada’s activities in this area had been fairly tepid and we had to move our game up pretty quickly. And so we decided to focus on Mr. Mandela in South Africa and apartheid as our number one priority in the area of human rights and foreign policy.”

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