Walmart Canada Announces Big Expansion Plans

In an announcement made on Tuesday by Walmart Canada, it has revealed plans to invest more than $500 million for supercentre, distribution network, and e-commerce projects across the country, creating more than 7,500 new jobs, including construction positions. Walmart Canada stated that the huge expansion includes 35 supercentre projects that will increase one million square feet of retail space in the giant retailers existing retail space. The plans are targeted to be completed within the company’s fiscal year, i.e. Feb. 1, 2014 to Jan. 31, 2015.

In addition to that, the company alleged that it will also enhance its distribution network to complement its growth and will continue to develop its e-commerce operation, Currently, the proposed projects include the construction of new stores along with expansion, remodeling and relocation of existing stores. Walmart Canada announced that its investments include more than $376 million for store projects, $91 million for distribution network projects to grow Walmart Canada’s fresh food capability, and $31 million for e-commerce projects.

In a statement issued by Walmart Canada’s president and chief executive, Shelley Broader, he mentioned that “customers in every region of Canada are looking to save money on their entire list of shopping needs.” It was added that “delivering on our commitment to help lower the cost of living is our top priority, and our growing network of supercenters and our expanding offering enable us to do just that.” Details on location of specific stores and distribution centre projects is deemed to be release as soon as specific projects become finalized.


  1. If workers are exploited, they should trash every store in the country and send a message to harper, GIVE US QUALITY JOBS OR ELSE YOU ARE GOING TO BE RUNNING FOR THE HILLS YOU IGNORANT PIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Only Canadians who have no self respect will shops at Wal-Mart and Target stores that threaten to wipe out home-grown Canadian businesses, not because they offer good quality of service, but because they are so big they can force suppliers to slash profit margins to almost zilch — something Canadian outfits like the already mentioned Loblaw and Canadian Tire are unable to force suppliers to do to the same degree, thereby allowing Wal-Mart to offer slightly lower prices, but which still afford the company tens of millions, perhaps billions, in profits that are funneled into its USA headquarters, while poorly pacomment_ID Canadian associates (employees) barely survive.
    Real Canadians, and there are very few of them it seems, will boycott American superstore intruders unless they take into account Canadian business sensibilities, and greatly reduce the number of stores they operate in this country, especially since their prices suck and their service is even worse.
    Boycott, boycott, boycott.

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