Sami Ul Haq: Peace Talks Delayed, Govt Making A Joke

The first peace talk set to take place between the Government and the Taliban were set to take place on Tuesday but due to the negligence of the government negotiators, a historic event was delayed from taking place.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has been pushing the government as well as the Taliban to concentrate on negotiating and avoiding bloodshed. After months of work between the Taliban and the government, finally a date was set to initiate the peace talks between the two parties. Both sides made their negotiating teams and decided to meet on Tuesday in Islamabad. Today Sami Ul Haq exposed how serious the government is about talks. The negotiating, four member committee assigned by the government failed to reach the premises. ‘They are making a joke of talks and joking with the nation. On one side they are saying they are talking to the Taliban and on the other side they are making (a) joke of these talks,’ said the lead Taliban negotiator .He and his colleagues left Islamabad later in the day.

The lead negotiator for government’s side, Irfan Siddique, informed the media that he did want the talks to take place but wanted to clarify over information on the make up of the team by Taliban and also over the authority it had to negotiate. ‘We want the talks to be meaningful… We can start as soon as we know this,’ he told reporters

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