PQ Slightly Shifting Campaign Agenda Away from Independence

Even though Quebec’s media mogul, Pierre Karl Peladeau, is the new star candidate for Parti Quebecois, he still has to abide by the party leader, Pauline Marois. When both were answering questions about Peladeau’s various ethical conflicts on Thursday, the PQ leader stamped his shoulder and gently pushed him aside as he intended to answer a particular question directed at him.

The pair was inquired about an IT company owned by Quebecor, Nurun, which has a number of contracts with the province. The questioner inquired that since Quebecor has the controlling shares of the company, would Peladeau have yet another ethical conflicts if he is elected. Quite noticeably, Peladeau has already refuse in public to sell his shares, even if was asked by the province’s ethics commissioner. Starting off with, “I will answer this” in French, Marois alleged that Peladeau will not have any control over contracts as a member of government.

Explaining her answer in complete detail, Marois stated that “the contracts which are given to the government are given thanks to a financial administration law which provides rules that frame the granting of those contracts…it’s an administrative process, it’s never, never a political question.” It was apparent that the PQ was attempting to slightly submerge its campaign agenda from independence to economy and other issues. While taking questions, both Marois and Peladeau openly refused to answer all questions regarding Quebec sovereignty or a referendum on independence, Peladeau stated that “we’re here to talk about the economy.”

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