Alberta Minister Horner Fully Supports Redford Leadership

Alberta’s finance minister, Doug Horner, recently assured that he “absolutely” supports his premier, and alleged that the recent dramatic defection by a former Tory MLA, Len Webber, may just be a grandstanding ahead of a run at federal politics. Mr. Horner informed reporters that after a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Medicine Hat on Thursday that during his 13 years as and MLA, even though he did have occasional disagreements with Redford’s leadership style, he always remained part of the “Progressive Conservative team.”

In a shocking announcement on Wednesday, Mr. Webber declared that he is leaving the party caucus and have decided to sit as an independent. In addition to that, several media sources have alleged that as many as 20 of the 61 MLAs elected as PCs in 2012 are unhappy with Premier Allison Redford’s leadership. Speaking about Webber’s announcement, Horner stated that “I’ve never seen that, and to make an allegation like that is pretty severe.” Additionally, it was added “I actually haven’t seen Mr. Webber in a couple months, so I’m not exactly sure what he’s doing. The last I’d heard he was running federally, so I kind of thought he’d left already.” Furthermore, Horner stated that “he certainly never expressed those views in the past so perhaps he’s looking to get your attention.”

It is believed that Webber is seeking the federal Conservative Party nomination for the new riding of Calgary-Confederation, and in order to find a winning level of support he needs to be in the limelight and grab attention of federal Tory members in the riding who support Alberta’s provincial Wildrose Party.

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