Taxpayers Federation Stresses on Alberta MLAs Recall Law

A report by The Canadian Taxpayers Federation claims that the latest controversy surrounding former premier Alison Redford’s use of government airplanes reinforces its call for Albertans to have the ability to fire their MLAs. A petition campaign was launched by the CTF on Friday, which asked signatories to push the government to bring in MLA recall legislation.

In his remarks during an interview, CTF’s Derek Fildebrandt stated that “we’ve always stood for recall but Alison Redford makes the case better than we ever could. So we want to give Albertans, and voters in Calgary-Elbow specifically, the right to recall their MLA.” Redford resigned from her position as Alberta’s premier and PC leader in March due to a caucus revolt caused by her travel, expenses and management style. However, she still remains the MLA for Calgary-Elbow despite being absent from the legislature most of the time. Though Redford has stressed she had no knowledge of improper bookings, opposition parties are calling for the Progressive Conservative government to bring in the police to investigate.

The three contenders running for the PC leadership have acted against the auditor’s report and did not rule out police involvement in the case. The government whip, George VanderBurg, alleged on Friday no MLAs have contacted him to discuss Redford’s status within the government, stressing that “not a one.” He refused to comment on Redford’s position in the caucus, alleging that “I’ve never reacted to any leaked document. I only react to stuff in front of me that’s real.”

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