Trudeau Condemns Government’s Anti-Marijuana Ads

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau openly spoke against a series of taxpayer-funded anti-marijuana advertisements published by Health Canada on Friday, calling them a “thinly-veiled partisan attack” against the pro-marijuana agenda of his party by the federal Conservatives.

During an interview in Winnipeg on Friday, Mr. Trudeau alleged that the Tories are using taxpayer money to scandalize his pro-marijuana platform ahead of the 2015 federal election. A report confirms that the government expectedly spent almost $5 million at these ads. Mr. Trudeau mentioned on Friday morning that “it’s become increasingly clear the government is very ready to use taxpayer dollars for partisan gains.” He alleged that if the Conservatives actually intend to address public health issues faced by the Canadian youth, Health Canada should rather emphasis on more broader issues and make ads on cigarettes and alcohol, instead of marijuana.

Mr. Trudeau stated that “if we were actually looking at challenges to young people’s health, we’d be looking at the impacts of alcohol and binge drinking on young people, instead of the lesser impacts of marijuana as a public health problem.” A report by World Health Organization has concluded that Canada has the highest rate of teen marijuana use among 29 developed countries. Mr. Trudeau concluded that “if the government was truly interested in educating people about the facts around marijuana, they might not be distorting my position as aggressively as they are.”

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