18 Officers Probed Toronto Crack House Break-in

Toronto police was revealed to have dedicated 18 of its officers to investigate the break-in and assault at the Windsor Rd. crack house soon after the news regarding Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s drugs use video was revealed. Now the provincial information watchdog has ruled a freedom of information request to be in “compelling public interest,” which will disclosure details regarding the “unusually significant police response.”

Consequently, Toronto police has been ordered to release the records until Nov. 5, which the force is anticipated to appeal. A freedom of information request earlier unveiled the police occurrence report and officers’ notes from the home invasion on May 21, 2013, as part of its ongoing investigation into Mayor Ford and his associates. The mayor’s crack pipe smoking video was allegedly filmed in the rundown Etobicoke bungalow, i.e. home to longtime friends of Ford. Soon after the news regarding the video was unveiled in May, a man broke inside the house and beat two of the residents with an extendable metal baton.

Initially, Toronto police refused to release the report and notes of 18 officers, alleging that they include personal and private information collected during an investigation of a crime. However, the matter was brought in front of Ontario’s information and privacy commission, which ordered the records be disclosed with certain information, including the victims’ personal details, removed. Adjudicator Colin Bhattacharjee mentioned in the Sept. 30 decision that “the facts underlying this incident clearly demonstrate that there is a compelling public interest in disclosing these records.”

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