Magnotta Trial Hears About His Arrest in Berlin

Magnotta’s first-degree murder trial heard a testimony on Tuesday, originally recorded in July 2014, of German police officer, Marc Lilge, who remembered to have tapped Luka Magnotta on the shoulder as the wanted killer sat at a computer in an Internet café. Lilge recalled to have asked for some identification, which Magnotta denied having and said that his name was Kirk Trammell, who had come from New York to visit friends in the town.

Upon acquiring more attention from other café clients, Lilge claimed to have cornered Magnotta. He said that “I noticed he was sweating, shaking and stuttering.” Lilge said Magnotta confessed shortly that “you got me,’” adding that “‘I’m Mr., Magnotta, I’m the man you’re looking for.” Thereafter Magnotta was handcuffed and quickly shifted from the café before any media arrived. Ligle explained that Magnotta stayed calm in the back of the van, with a grin on his face, as they drove to the police station. He said that “I got the feeling he was relieved,” adding that “he did everything he was told.”

Magnotta reportedly entered the café at around 4 p.m. on June 4, 2012, i.e. only 10 days after killing and dismembering Concordia University student Lin Jun in Montreal. Working at the time, Kadir Anlayisli recognized Magnotta immediately as being the person all over the news and wanted for murder in Canada. Anlayisli stated that “I had read about him before that he killed a cat and fed it to a snake or something,” adding that “I recognized him from his weird cheekbones.”

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