Report Slams CBC’s Execs for Ignoring Ghomeshi’s Abuses

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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An independent report by law firm Rubin Thomlinson, commissioned by the CBC, has slammed the executives of The Canadian Broadcasting Corp for ignoring and not acting upon the abusive conduct of star radio host Jian Ghomeshi, who now faces criminal charges for sexual assault and choking. The report concluded that senior managers at the national public broadcaster were aware of his abusive conduct but did nothing to stop it.

The CBC eventually fired the host of it’s an internationally syndicated CBC Radio music and arts program, Q, in October 2014. At the time, CBC unveiled to have seen graphic evidence showing that he injured a woman in what Ghomeshi said were consensual sex acts involving bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. In its finding, the report pointed out that the management failed to stop Ghomeshi’s abusive workplace behavior even separate from criminal charges he is facing after several women came forward complaining of his violent sexual behavior.

The report revealed that Ghomeshi often gave inappropriate remarks to colleagues, unwanted back and shoulder massages, played cruel jokes, and yelled at and shunned colleagues who displeased him. It alleged that “despite actual knowledge of concerns expressed by employees, Mr. Ghomeshi’s behavior was often left unexamined, characterized as ‘difficult’ or was accepted as the norm of how hosts were expected to behave.” It was added that “the evidence shows that while Mr. Ghomeshi’s star was allowed to rise, his problematic behavior was left unchecked.” Whereas on the other hand, the broadcaster has already revealed to have detached itself from executives involved the scandal, including radio executive Chris Boyce and human resources executive Todd Spencer, as they have been placed on leave since January.

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