Men’s Field Hockey-Champions Trophy 2012 5-8 positions: Belgium vs England Watch live online streaming

After losing in the knockout round of Quarterfinals, England and Belgium will face each other for the positions from 5th – 8th. The winner will face the victorious team out of another match between Germany and New Zealand for the positions of 5th and 6th. While the teams that will lose in both the matches, will play for the 7th and 8th positions.

 In the quarterfinals, World No. 8 Belgium lost against 11th ranked Indian team in a nail-biting match with 0-1. The Belgians are looking for their first win in these placement matches to save their pride as earlier, they remain winless in the group stage and the knockout match.

On the other hand, 4th ranked English team lost against the World No.2 Australia with 0-2. The loss puts England out of the medal race at the Champions Trophy 2012 for the second consecutive year (the team played as Great Britain at the 2011 edition).  England is now determined to finish the placements race by having a 5th placement rather than finishing at the lowest position of 8th.

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