2 years of married life

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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It’s true, we’ve been absent for a while now and the fact that we got a message asking where we’ve vanished to, meant that someone was actually reading the blog.  So, we are back by ‘popular’ demand!

Between our last post and now a lot has happened. We’ve moved to the UK from Nigeria which is the ultimate gift from Mr.B to Mrs.B! Mr.B attended the BILs stag party in Vegas and ‘exposed’ a new side of Mr.B to Sumit and his mates. BIL Sumit got married in Goa where Mr.B was a kick-ass MC and even created a RidonKULOUS video for the couple (all linked below).

Now that the dust has settled, what can I say I’ve learned in 2 years of marriage? Well, I’ve learned that I am still getting to know my husband! I sent him to Vegas and knew things would be on the up and up simply because he’d be partying with my bro…except, all was not what I expected. Still, Vegas is Vegas and you accept it for what it is.

Goa on the other hand, is where the wedding took place and I bore witness to my husbands ‘Mr. Hyde’. It seems that when Mr.B get’s in the mood and is full of ‘liquid courage’ he really rips off any and all inhibitions! It seems that when inebriated, Mr.B has a propensity to undress! Not only that, but my two brothers encourage his party-persona! They insisted on barricading all access to Mr.B while he took over the stage and all I was left with was !

Still, marriage is about compromise and since Mr.B did keep the party rocking, I’ve realized we need to strike a balance. So as he takes over the stage and sings in to the mic, I monitor his buttons from afar and wait for our eyes to meet when I mouth ‘Don’t Strip!’.

Marriage Tip 47: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! However, God help you with what comes back!

Welcome BACK to our Married Life!

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