Splish Splash: 14 Essentials for a Baby’s Bath

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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When caring for a baby it usually gets very tricky. Especially when it comes to new mothers who have not had any experience before and are exploring themselves as they learn how to care for their baby. It is during a bath time that a mother and baby usually bond. Some tricks and laughs are involved and tears are mostly and usually avoided.

To ensure this smooth flow during bath time SplishSplash: 14 essentials for a baby’s bath provide you with all you will need to create that special bond with you and your child. For all young and struggling mothers, here is a step easier to your responsibilities the Splish Splash: 14 essentials for a baby’s bath.

1. Odd Ducks

These always come in handy when you are giving your child a bath. They keep the baby interested and occupied and are colorful with a lot of graphics and shapes and sizes. 

2. 4moms Spout Cover

This may seem technical and difficult to manage, but it is not, in fact it provides you with all the ease you need. Be it winters or summers this gadget allows the water temperature to always remain stabilized for your baby. And the plus side, your baby’s head is kept safe from bumping.

3. Apple Park Hood Towels

These keep your babies away from the cold or warmth, dry them from head to toe, and most of all add the given adorable head and cuteness to the baby.

4. Perfect Height Tub

Sometimes it is difficult to give your baby a bath because it pains your back as you have to bend time and again. But with a perfect height tub this can become easier for you as you can manage how you like.

5. Nature Shampoo and Body Wash

This is what you need to rid your baby from all the shampoo tears. Made from natural products it smooth’s your baby’s body and gives it a scent of sweet aromas. Also moisturizing that unharmed skin.

6. Rubber Ducky and Friends

A water spray is always a scary thing to a baby. But with rubber ducky and friends, this can be accomplished with smiles.

7. Bath Kneeler

The purpose of these essentials is not just to make your baby’s bath a better time for them but a great and painless time for you. From the height manager it also provides you with a bath kneeler to ensure that you knees don’t suffer from all the bending and sitting to clean your baby

8. Stacking Boats

These add to the happiness of your baby’s bath time and just add to the amount of colors in the bath tub.

9. Dubble Trubble Shampoo and Body Wash

This is another good alternate for your baby and their skin. It gives them the moisture and the lovely smell of cucumber.

10. Kozybaby Towels

This is absorbent and soft and perfect time for you to cuddle with you baby while it absorbs all the water and give your baby dry back to you.

11. Rinse Pails

These are the most essential item you may need while giving your baby bath. With the herbal shampoo the tears can be avoided but another precaution would be to use rinse pails. They are colorful and fit your baby’s face making rinsing the shampoo off an easy and tear free task.

12. Blooming Bath

This is a cushioned cradle for the comfort of your baby when you are done, and it has an easy wash and comfort.

13. Digital Temperature Tester

Shaped like a turtle for your baby to play with, it is also there to make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold for the soft skin of your baby. It is yours and your baby’s best friend when I comes to bath time.

14. Protective Shower Bonnet

This acts just like the rinse pails only it fits your child’s head like a halo. Made from stretchable rubber it can make your job of rinsing a lot easier and fun.

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