Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Prize but who really cares!

Norwegian Nobel Committee has honoured the democracy activist Liu Xiaobo. On Friday, Mr. Liu — who is locked in jail on an 11-year sentence for spurious subversion charges — became the first Chinese to win the Peace Prize.

Western countries can criticise China about the detention of Mr. Lui Xiaobo but the western countries should realize that it makes no sense to criticize their banker unless you are in the position of power to dictate terms.

The way I see it. It is China who can dictate terms and the western countries have no recourse but to listen and continue to pay their monthly interest payments back to China.

Money is power and at this time in history the western powers have no money or power.

In the end Mr. Xiaobo will be forgotten as the western nations worry about how to pay their monthly interest payment to China..

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