Homburg calls UPEI President vicious and petty

Personal campaign against businessman may cost PEI $10 million in business development

Businessman Richard Homburg who is trying to create an international, post-graduate school of real estate development has come out swinging against UPEI’s President Wade MacLauchlan.
In a Charlottetown Guardian story, Homburg said the campaign to malign him has been vicious and petty.
“It was a vicious, personal attack of which he used language which was unacceptable. You couldn’t go lower than that. I think he has gone as low as you can possibly go,” Homburg told The Guardian.
“There’s no purpose for trying to attack people the way they did. I’m so insulted by the vicious attack by Wade (MacLauchlan), but I don’t have anything against UPEI.”
Ironically UPEI granted Homburg an honorary doctorate only a short time ago.  Is this irrational behavior from President MacLauchlan?
However, as we reported last week, MacLaughlan was holding out for more money from Homburg for the privilege of blessing the new school.
“The pimp just wanted more money,” was how our sources characterized President MacLauchlan’s campaign against Homburg. 
“Homburg, who has ideas about building a Masters of Real Estate Development school in his name, already established MacLauchlan could be bought.”
“MacLauchlan was holding out for another $2 million before he did the last dance. Homburg offered MacLauchlan $5 million for the school and MacLauchlan thought his dance card was worth $7 million. My sources tell me the dialogue on this extended over more than a year. MacLauchlan claimed that Homburg just sprang the topic on him which would be humbug.” Laird

MacLauchlan blusters to a stall on PEI’s new university

“Wade MacLauchlan thought he was going to get something and he didn’t and negotiations didn’t go the way he wanted them to go,” Homburg told the Guardian which confirms what our sources told us. MacLauchlan was not holding out for the integrity of UPEI. He simply wanted more money.

Homburg gone too far?
Richard Homburg may have over-reached himself in the tiny province of Prince Edward Island. There is an historical mistrust of absentee landlords and latent xenophobia on Prince Edward Island. The rich and the powerful on PEI fan the flames of “come from away” sentiment to enrich themselves.
Some people consider Homburg as having gone too far in donating money to the Confederation Centre and having the theatre re-named Homburg Theatre.
“How does one end up with your name on the property of the federal government (and therefore supposedly the property of the people of Canada) and how does that allow you to access millions of heritage money which is suppose to be ear marked for cultural development?” asked one commentator.
When we satirized the Confederation Theatre re-naming, the Ghiz Liberal government was incensed.Government announces solution for disabled access to Confederation Library we wrote in a light hearted vein.  We struck a deep chord of guilt with the Liberals who maneuvered the lapdog PEI media to have us ejected from the Press Gallery as punishment.
The anti-Homburg sentiment among some on PEI is visceral and may account for the 1,500 people who signed President Wade’s petition against the new school.

Business opportunity knocks
Homburg wants a meeting with the in-c0ming President of UPEI, bypassing the truculent, mean-spirited MacLauchlan.
“If that’s not possible, he said the university and its $10-million investment will be created elsewhere.
“We originally tried to do this with the University of Prince Edward Island but things got off the track and we decided to go on our own,” said Homburg, who added the P.E.I. government then stepped in and said it would change the legislation in an effort to keep the school and the investment on the Island.
“I would regret not having it in P.E.I. We didn’t know this was going to happen. This whole thing is unbelievably out of proportion and I think that is also what spooked the premier.”
“It would be very sad if one man was able to derail this,” said Homburg. Not to have this on this Island, to lose this opportunity to put us on the map globally … this is something that could go worldwide.” The Guardian
The plot thickens as two powerful men clash.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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  1. Homburg was very accurate with his description of this guy who is so abusive, power crazed and out of control. Many people say so much worse and anyone who crossed this tyrant’s path would be destroyed just because he was prescomment_IDent of a university and could destroy people. What a disgraceful reign for any prescomment_IDent. He will go down as having the highest complaints of violating human rights, He has even been quoted as stating to people that he “dcomment_ID not believe in human rights” and especially dcomment_ID not believe there was any such thing as “sexual harassment”. Gives you an comment_content_IDea of what students had to endure just to try to get an education. Horror stories from here that continue to comment_date.

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