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Union J: Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Hair

Remember the “hair bands” of the 80’s? This UK boy band seems to have revitalized that tradition. Hair is EVERYTHING. The band is called Union J and the members are from left: George Shelley, (with the craziest hair) JJ Hamblett, Josh Cuthbert,

Behind Bars, Teresa Giudice Might Be A Different Person

Photo: Bravo
Lindsay Lohan nearly had a nervous breakdown a few years ago when she was faced with the possibility that she could NOT wear herhair extensions in prison. It turned out she could wear them – her sentence wasn’t that long and they were firmly attached. But nowTeresa

Jennifer Lopez Covered Up For A Walk On Hollywood Boulevard

American Idol must be depending on Jennifer Lopez to save the sinking series because they’ve been trotting her around town in different outfits every day. The show is in the middle of their Hollywood Auditions and Jennifer is prominently featured at all times. She and fellow

Andy Cohen Has A Bad Case Of “dog Love”

Andy Cohen and his dog Wacha have the sweetest love story. Especially since Andy HAD NEVER HAD A PET before he found Wacha. Andy always loved Snoopy and he saw a photo of Wacha, a Beagle mix, on Petfinder.com. (Just like we saw a photo of our dog Elvis.) Andy kept looking at the

Matthew Mcconaughey: What’s So Funny?

Matthew McConaughey maintained the deadpan look on his face as he walked through the airport with his wife Camila Alves. Maybe the paparazzi were teasing him about Jim Carrey’s SNL impersonation of him in his Lincoln car ads and he wasn’t amused. Ironically,

Dylan Mcermott And Maggie Q: Who’s Stalking Who?

Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q have a lot to celebrate because their“Stalker” TV series was renewed for the rest of the season just yesterday. Since they started filming, Maggie and Dylan, who play detectives, have been getting closer and closer. Hawaiian born Maggie, 35, is best

Andre Leon Talley: Everyone Wants To Look Like Kim And Kanye!

You can’t imagine our dismay when we heard that Vogue contributorAndre Leon Talley declared that Kim and Kanye are the “first family of fashion!” He raved about their fame in a magazine interview and compared their notoriety to Elizabeth

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