Demi Moore faking a relationship with Martin Henderson

Demi Moore who is dating actor Martin Henderson who is from Newzealand is caught to be faking the relationship with Henderson. As Demi Moore’s ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is reportedly dating Mila Kunis, the 49 years old actress just to show the whole world that she no longer bothers about Ashton and has moved on in life, is in a relationship with Henderson.

The fact is that Demi could not move on in life yet, though she hangs around in public places with her new boy friend Henderson everywhere this days, but the whole thing is just a set-up, and nothing is true. Actually Henderson and Demi Moore are still just friends, and Henderson is not really interested in having a relationship with her, but then as Demi is his friend he just wants to be at her side, reported a source. Demi Moore married Ashton Kutcher in 2005 and separated last year in 2011 as the latter was cheating on her and dating another woman (read Mila Kunis). Ashton was Demi’s third husband.

Demi’s real name is Demi Guynes, but in the professional world she is better known as Demi Moore. She is not only an American actress but also a film director, film producer, model and lyricist. She was born in Mexico and began modelling when she came to Europe. She posed nude for Oui magazine in 1980 and that was her first photo shoot. Her successful films like “Ghost” in 1990, “A Few Good Men” in 1992, “Indecent Proposal” in 1993 and “Disclosure” in the next year, made her the highest paid actress of her time. And she got a big amount of $12.5 for the 1996 film “Striptease”.

The talented actress got hitched with younger Ashton Kutcher in 2005. But after some cosy pictures of Ashton and Mila (his co-star in That ‘70s Show) came to the surface, Demi got emotionally wrecked. She was devastated to know that Ashton has been dating Mila and moved on ahead in life than her.

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  1. I would rather see Demi supposedly “faking it”, than be down and out over Ashton. The woman is just as hot as her ex…I say, “go out into the world Demi and get your groove back”..

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