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Easy and Quick Snacks for Eid

With all the joys of Eid; house wives are planning what to cook. Here are easy and quick snacks recipes that will surely help you to make your Eid delicious for your loved once. 

1. Meethi Ghujiya:

This is so easy but absolutely divine and impressive to serve snack recipe.



Parmigiano and Herb Chicken Tenders

Who doesn’t love a simple spaghetti recipe with marinara sauce? For your family to enjoy and get the best experience in Italian noodles, here is a quick and easy recipe of chicken tenders served with delicious spaghetti drizzled with marinara sauce, just the perfect meal to make you scream

Best Drinks For Ramadan

I am sharing some best drinks recipes for Ramadan that will surely help you to hydrate your body as well as give you instant refreshing feeling. You can serve these drinks to your family at the time of sehri and iftar with delicious Ramdan meals.

1. Almond Shake:Ingredients:

8 to 10 Almonds

Best Iftar Menu in Ramadan

But housewives should remember before making their ramdan recipes diary that all dishes should be healthy and energetic rather than just pack of high calorie deep fried disaster. Ramadan is not just the month of eating food; everyone should remember its basic motive.

So if you will eat healthy

Best Sehri Menu in Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan brings a lot of enthusiasm, blessings, peace, harmony and food treats. This is the time when the fast begins and you need to eat food which can provide you energy and that can last till the time of breaking your fast. In sehri eating and drinking a lot is not the

Turkish Pide filled with Meat and Cheese

Turkish Pide is one of the famous recipes in Turkey.Turkish pide is basically belonging to pizza family in Turkey. The difference is its shape and the thickness of pide. Pide is slightly thin than pizza crust. Originally it is baked with lamb minced without any kind of cheese.

Sweeten Your Taste With Black Forest Cake

Black forest Cake a most popular German Dessert. Originally Black Forest is German Dessert but later on it become most lovingly cake in almost all the regions. Some of the different regions make this cake with different formations. Like Swedish Black Forest cake, American Black Forest

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