Fangak Massacre Fault Line, Sudan

"Mr. President must face the devils, and look at them hard in the face. He can’t allow his nerves to fail in this confrontation with evils"

For the second time last and this year in two consecutive years the county of Fangak in Jonglei State, had experienced calamitous events around it that its people are far much worse than traumatized; they must be feeling dehumanized; disgraced, and scandalized by some individuals in the state and GoSS leadership.

By the chear scale and gory nature of the massacre of Fangak people done and masterminded by those sub-humans, blood-suckers, tribalist and power seekers involved and have put Fangak on the ignoble map as one of the region of the world where human life is regarded with contempt.

To say it as it really is, those notorious for inhuman carnages of monstrous proportion which some of us struggle to justify either in the name of SPLM, Independent or both. This is part of our mixed metaphor in the strange circumstance of a leadership that has been groping for decades and still cannot build a civilized community of its various peoples.

It is only a matter of time before these monsters begin to consume the country just got its identity from oppressive regimes.

Violence in Jonglei state has become synonymous with ill political power play; personal differences; bloody retaliation for perceived injustice; and ethnicity of the most uncivilized manifestation. The power struggle, corrupt leadership and tribalism practices in the state of Jonglei it became ethnic lunatics to cause mayhem in the society inflicting horror and death on helpless women, elders and children, who are the most vulnerable in our society.

This is the flip side of the Jonglei story:

The governor who is supposed to be the chief security officer of the state, but he is not in control of any of the security agencies because of power struggle in the state. So when Fangak county authority intelligence alerted him of the recent crisis, on the day of the event, governor Kuol Manyang could not inform the military chief Mr. Hoth Mai who was under no obligation whatsoever to listen to the governor even when doing so made a lot of sense to save lives.

The community in the county wanted the army General Mr. Gabriel Tang to come to the rescue, but the fellow brother Mr. James Hoth Mai switched off his consent so that those inhuman who invaded Fangak people could have their way in inflicting cannibalistic massacre on their victims. That is the monstrous nature of the selfish military and political arrangement.

The bane of peace in Jonglei State continues to be its structural fault line that undermines our development and democracy. It is responsible for the mixed metaphor of our inability to fashion a cohesive polity; to ingrain equity in governance; to operate the philosophy of equality amongst the federating units; and above all, to implant justice in the system.

My fellow’s comrades if we don’t stop these failures resonate from this structural fault line in the setup of this tottering country called South Sudan. We can only expect many more Southerners massacres across the country.

The politics of supremacy is getting stronger, while the country and its people are at risk; some evil peoples who sold their souls to the devilish exercise of power are playing hard the game. President Kiir and his administration must accept democratic change now.

Mr. President must face the devils, and look at them hard in the face. He can’t allow his nerves to fail in this confrontation with evils; he will be the first to be swallowed up. South Sudanese have spoken to our President in clear language, we all stand behind him we expect that he will move forward to lead our nation to final destination. God help him and his administration.


2011 is not a year for any serious South Sudanese to sit on the fence and watch the political class plunge the nation into an avoidable danger. This is indeed the time for new emerge Republic of South Sudan Government to come out and take the nation out of trouble caused by monsters (corrupted officials).

For now, the move of Tunisian has posed serious concerns to the South Sudanese and the international community. But the good news, the new Republic of South Sudan presidency has come out to act in manners that clearly suggest it does understand the root causes of corruption in South Sudan.

For the avoidance of doubt, corruption in the South Sudan is a response to the grave abuse of power by officials in GoSS and states. President Kiir must therefore dig deeper into the root cause to tackle this corruption.

The foundation of the problems threatening the survival of South Sudan citizens goes beyond post war era.

Peter Chuol Gatluak, MBA, BA

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