PSC report finalized with 22 recommendations

The Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on Electoral Reforms has prepared its final report which claims to have 22 recommendations. The Chairperson of PSC Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili informed the media that the report will be put forward in Dewan Rakyat on Tuesday or Wednesday of the coming week.

He also explained that although the contents of the report will be discussed Tuesday or Wednesday onwards, the report will be distributed to all members of the parliament on Monday so they can review the report and be prepared for discussion the next day.

Speaking after the last meeting of the six-month long discussions over electoral reforms, Ongkilli announced, “This report is thorough and touches on key issues. There are 22 recommendations. Some were agreed upon, some weren’t, but you will see that in the report.” Elaborating further on the matter, he said that committee has basically taken decision about all the recommendations in the light of three basic principles – significance, urgency, and the level of the implementation possibility within the constitutional and legal framework.

Upon being questioned over the request put forward by the coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, Ongkili replied, “I think we shouldn’t pre-empt the report on the first instance, we have allowed them to meet us, a few of their members also followed us to our public hearings. To be honest, we received useful input from them. They should look at the report before any judgments are made.”

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