Mahdi Karroubi wife allowed to leave house for medical attention in Iran

After 71 days of house arrest, the wife of opposition leader Mahdi Karroubi, has finally been allowed to leave the family home to receive medical treatment.

According to Saham news, the official website of Karroubi’s National Trust Party, security forces enforcing the illegal house arrest have granted Fatemeh Karroubi permission to seek medical attention.

The Karroubis have been under house arrest since 10 February, after Mahdi Karroubi and fellow opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi called for demonstrations in support of the uprisings in the Arab world.

According to Mojtaba Vahedi, an advisor to Karroubi, since her release from house arrest five days ago, Fatemeh Karroubi has been busy seeking medical attention which means that Karroubi is alone in their home. “He is under house arrest by himself and we’re hoping that they keep the promise they made to Ms Karroubi and allow her to meet with the Sheikh.”

In an interview with the reformist Rooz Online website, Vahedi said that according to Fatemeh Karroubi “Mr Karroubi is in very good spirits and despite his firm stance in the face of the state’s shameful and illegal conduct, he has been caring and friendly towards his prison guards and contrary to the claims made by the Keyhan daily, there’s been no sign of any ‘aggressive’ behaviour [on the part of Karroubi].”

According to Vahedi, Karroubi’s sons, who were able to meet their parents five weeks into the house arrest, also spoke of their mother’s loss of weight and “visible” signs of the pressure she had endured under house arrest.

The Karroubi advisor had previously voiced concerns over the authorities’ refusal to allow for much needed medication to get through to the Green Movement leader and his wife for two whole weeks.

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