Arkansas Players Arrested for Burglarizing Fellow Students

Three Arkansas Razorback football players who have been charged with stealing from fellow students are out of jail after being arrested. Marquel Wade, Andrew Peterson and Maudrecus Humphrey all posted bond on Sunday.  One has to wonder about the culture on this team where members, allegedly,  have stolen from fellow classmates.

Presumably these are Division I scholarship athletes who enjoy the finical support of the school directly and the state taxpayers indirectly.  If these charges are true (and the initial reports are compelling), the coaching staff needs to look at who they are recruiting and how they ended up with a group that preys upon fellow students, almost all of whom have worked and paid for their spot on campus.  The temerity to take cash and property from other students as if it were a campus ATM machine is hard to understand.

The three have been charged with burglary for stealing a series of laptops, cash and textbooks from dorms across the University of Arkansas campus–the charges include felony burglary. The players were caught in the act by security cameras and positively identified.

According to the police report, $4,817 worth of textbooks, computers, cash and DVDs were stolen. Video surveillance caught the men walking through dorm hallways checking to see if the doors were locked and then entering the rooms.  If video footage isn’t  proof enough, a witness came forward and provided a written statement identifying Peterson and Humphrey by name and identified them as members of the football team. A clerk at the Campus Bookstore on Dickson Street identified all three as having come in to sell textbooks multiple times. A final bit of evidence for police were the textbooks and other stolen property that were recovered in Peterson’s dorm room.

Humphrey and Peterson each received nine counts of burglary. Wade only received one count.

Arkansas head coach John L. Smith released the following statement following the news of their arrest: “Marquel Wade, Maudrecus Humphrey and Andrew Peterson have been suspended indefinitely. We have high standards for our student-athletes and I expect them to conduct themselves appropriately. Poor conduct and misbehavior will not be tolerated and is not what we expect from the University of Arkansas football program.”

It’s been a rough semester for the Razorbacks. With these arrests, six Arkansas football players have now been arrested since the start of the Spring season.

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