Rally Race Car Crashes (Videos)

I was idling clicking around the Internet and ran into some funny slash horrifying slash strange car crashes during some rally races.

Off the road and into the drink – July 2009

I have no idea what happened but for whatever reason, the driver of this car goes straight off the road and into a pond.

Rally car hits horse – August 2009

The commentary is in Spanish – good luck with that – but what’s amazing is that the car hits a horse. A horse! And wow, does that animal go sailing.

Top 30 Rally Crash 2009 – October 2009

All I can say is, "Ouch!"


Latvala Horror Crash – Portugal Rally 2009 – April 2009

This is just unbelievable. These guys driving are absolutely freakin’ nuts and it’s incredible that reports say the two guys are okay.

I’m sorry I couldn’t find a copy of this video without the music but it turns out this is the best video of the crash.

This car is driving like a bat out of hell when they cut inside a corner and roll the car. Unfortunately, they roll down the side of a really steep hill and they roll and they roll. Gawd, they’re okay after this? Amazing! No way I’m going to try this.


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