Authors convention in Orlando

Authors convention and big group book signing in Orlando on Tuesday, May 1.
(we need your reservation early!)
The weather is gorgeous, the location is magical (Disney World, Epcot, Sea World, Cape Canaveral are next door), and the Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Florida Mall is perfect.

Hundreds of authors have already attended our regional authors conventions, and they love it: see
At the Orlando convention you’ll meet many other authors just like yourself, many PublishAmerica staff, and a full roster of top-notch and inspiring speakers. They include PublishAmerica’s Bryan Winfrey ("Ask your publisher"), Jackie Buehrle ("Why and how we make books"), and PR expert Shawn Street ("Let me tell you how to become a newspaper story"), American Dream specialist Paul Rachman ("Never give up"), and Alice Force One helicopter/airplane pilot Alice Meiners ("Author, get past that insecurity"). You’ll get to ask all the questions you may have. And if you want you can speak during our two very popular Open Mic sessions.
The convention culminates when all authors participate in a mass group book signing! The Florida Mall is one of the nation’s largest with over 250 stores. The Florida Conference Center opens to the mall, and that’s where we’ll have our group signing!
We need your reservation early! Register today at or or secure a promotion booth during the convention:
Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way
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